Special edition : The water overconsumption in the world.

Prediction and prevention

In the world, a big problem threat the globe it’s the water overconsumption which is very present nowadays. Many countries use a lot of water, for example to clean their cars or when we forget to turn off the tap. Nowadays the water’s scarcity is an issue for the future years. It’s essential to change our habits to save the world! The most consumer countries are the U.S, Canada, Japan, Australia and Swiss.

They use more than 250 liters per day and per person. It’s important to use less bottles of water and drink water from the tap. There is a need to reuse the rain water and treatment factories. Many countries don’t have access to drinkable water, so we need to help those who are in need. Some countries are over consumer whereas some countries are lacking water desperately.

The OMS (world health organizations) predicts that by 2040 33 countries will have an assistance of water supplies in Africa and Middle East.

6 billions of children will be touched by the water shortage. From 1990 to 2015 there was more access to quality water for the population. OMS tested disinfectant agents to protect water of infectious diseases. The climate change is one cause of the water scarcity. The water pollution impacts its scarcity because if it is contaminated it needs a treatment. Many scientists in biology try to find a solution to stop the water waste.

Recently Australia was victim of bush fires, the country was in drought. A lot of animals died in the fire. This example reflects the consequences of the climate change. Everyone can make a difference for tomorrow. Knowing good practices is a first step in solving the global water crisis that we have to face today.

To preserve our planet it’s very important to change our habits and stop wasting water. If we don’t change, the planet WILL DIE in the future years.

Written by three environmental journalists

This article was written for an English project about water matters proposed by Miss Xunebane in Saint-Aspais Highschool.